Early Registration By December 1: $180 - $300 sliding scale
After December 1: $225 - $350 sliding scale
Kids and families discounted. DAY PASSES ALSO AVAILABLE. See Registration page for details.
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Create Village ~ Honor the Darkness ~ Welcome the Light


Hosted by Lost Valley Education and Events Center 

in Dexter, OR (30 minutes west of Eugene)

Bring your family and friends. Share songs and stories. Eat delicious local meals. Spark and strenghthen community bonds. Hone your crafting skills. 
Offerings to look forward to for Kindle Cascadia 2015 include...
  • Resilience Skills Symposium 
  • Woodworking
  • Basketry, Cordage
  • Biochar Stove-making
  • Stone Pigments and Painting
  • Native Plants and Animal Tracking
  • Childrens activities
  • Song Circles and Dance 
  • Council
  • Cedar Shake-making
  • Acorn Processing
  • Sauna
  • Friction-fire

Resilience Skills Symposium

Sunday, December 20, 2015, 1:00-4:00 pm

Part of Kindle Cascadia 2015 (or sliding scale $15-30)

Resilient: 1. able to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens. 2. able to return to an original shape after being pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc. (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

What does it mean to be resilient in the world today?

Which skills do we really need to make us “resilient”?

What obstacles limit our abilities to be resilient today, and how can we overcome them?

In what ways are our communities vulnerable? In what ways are they strong?

Does living in community reduce our ecological impact or carbon footprint?

Does living in community make us less dependent on the systems of society?

What is the role of community in creating culture?

What are the differences between rural and urban communities as they relate to these questions?

Join a panel of local community-livers, do-it-yourselfers, gardeners, builders, thinkers, and dreamers in tackling these questions and more. There will be space for additional questions and discussion.

Please RSVP to Pay online at, or bring cash/check to the door.



Thank you to our Contributing Sponsors!

Fern's Edge Goat Dairy

Organically Grown Company


If you would like to contribute food, workshop materials, teachings, funds or anything else to make this year's event a success, please e-mail us.